2020 Lincoln Love Awards

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This year, LSB employees took time to celebrate one and other and recognize the best of us through our annual Lincoln Love Awards. The purpose of these awards is to showcase employees who have gone above and beyond and are a great example of what Lincoln Love is all about. Please join us in congratulating the 2020 Lincoln Love Award nominees and winners.

Rookie of the Year Award

This award goes to an individual who has been with the bank for less than twelve months, but who has already made an incredible impact at Lincoln Savings Bank either in their department, market, or bank wide.
  • Adam Boeding  
  • Adam Schaefer                                                
  • Callie Francis                     
  • Cassidy Myers                  
  • Chelsea Powers
  • Chelsea Sindt                    
  • Mark Webb                       
  • Sheena Cook
  • Mike Bailey Sr.  
  • Sam Benda
  • Tom Schofield  
  • Tom Zimny
  • Vicki Albrecht
  • Elaina Rivera-Martinez
  • Fareed Elian
  • Gabbi Ubben
  • Andrea Olson
  • Andrew Nielson
  • Hannah Ahrenholz
  • Jeff Tracey
  • Jennifer Harres
  • Kristy Conkity
  • John Wagner
  • Emily Chase                       
  • LeRoy Staker
  • Lisa Simonson
  • Nicoll Carson

Congratulations, Lisa Simonson and Tom Zimny for winning the Rookie of the Year Award.

What coworkers had to say about Lisa and Tom:

"Lisa started the same week work from home began, which is a tremendous challenge overseeing direct reports and their teams. Since that time, she has helped guide her loan servicing and processing teams through multiple rounds of PPP, deployment of a new lending software and many other challenges. I can't imagine where we would be without Lisa's expertise and dedication."

"Tom has been a great addition to the Clive team since starting last fall! Since day one, he has had a go-getter attitude and is one of the friendliest people in the branch. He is always willing to assist our retail team when we need assistance with something on the loan side. When he has questions on the retail side, he is respectful and understanding as we look for information. I look forward to working with Tom as he continues in his career at LSB!"

Coach of the Year

This award goes to an individual in the bank who exemplifies excellence in coaching and leadership and has the unique ability to help their team members grow both personally and professionally.
  • Amee Freidhof 
  • Amy LeRoy             
  • Angel Cooper
  • Angela Evans       
  • Breanne Neel        
  • Dan Downs
  • Dana Uhlenhopp             
  • Dominic Black      
  • Emily Girsch
  • Greg Baker           
  • Jocelyn Westerman
  • Stacy Pratt           
  • Sterling Simonson
  • Jason Walters        
  • Jenessa Bengen
  • Jessica Marsh    
  • Jessie Ledtje         
  • Mandy Koester
  • Jordan Schick       
  • Lil Vukmirovic        
  • Lindsey Ellis
  • Mandy Koester  
  • Mary Inbody          
  • Michele Knaack  
  • Nancy Foemmel                  
  • Nick Suender

Congratulations, Amee Freidhof for winning the Coach of the Year Award. 

What coworkers had to say about Amee:

"Amee willingly accepted the role of agency manager, in addition to her account manager duties. Amee is brutally honest and matter of fact in her communications with the insurance team. She doesn't sugar coat things, and is always up front an honest when it comes to needed improvements. Her team respects her and values her leadership."

Outstanding Customer Service

This award goes to an individual who consistently demonstrates outstanding service beyond the bounds of assigned duties to help customers either internally or externally.
  • Angela Herrold                 
  • April Coonradt
  • Carissa McDowell                            
  • Chase Collins
  • Chris Frischmeyer                           
  • Christine Rolf
  • Cindy Kannegieter                          
  • Dave Meints
  • Deanne Lockhart                             
  • Deb Kock
  • Sarah Hawker              
  • Eileen Wirth
  • Heather Schrader                            
  • Hector Baldiviezo
  • Jackie Castro                     
  • Jennifer Krueger
  • Jessica Manfull 
  • Mandi Becker                   
  • Mandy Koester
  • Melinda Peters                
  • Michele Knaack
  • Nick Vonderhaar                             
  • Rosemary Lang
  • Ryan Collins                       
  • Ryan Oberhauser
  • Sara Forrester                  
  • Sara Steinkamp
  • Sarah Miller                       
  • Stephanie Bass
  • Sue Mahlum                      
  • Tim Canney
  • Tony Kanne
  • Kae Ovel
  • Katie Kuhlman                  
  • Katie Witte

Congratulations, Sarah Hawker and Deb Kock on winning the Outstanding Customer Service Award!

What coworkers had to say about Sarah and Deb:

"2020 was a very scary and challenging year to say the least. The year started out as usual...then a few short weeks into the year, there were news reports of concerns of a new virus hitting various parts of the world to the concern of it being on US soil and fear of pandemic. Then early spring, the lobbies closed and most of the LSB work force worked from home or took leave during that time to social distance. This left skeletal crews on our direct frontlines to take care of business as usual. Greene was at a disadvantage of not having a drive-thru. It threw things into a tailspin as to how to take care of daily business while ensuring the safety of staff and customers. Deb and Sarah were the only two CSAs to take care of Greene's business during this time and it changed their daily schedules and duties dramatically. Their first priority was their customers. Period. Since Greene did not have a drive-thru and we could not have face to face contact with the customers, a new plan was implemented. These two went above and beyond by going into the Greene office each morning to go thru the work from the night drop. You should've seen the photos of the piles of work that they pulled out each morning to process. When the work was completed and processed, they drove to Allison (Monday-Friday) for many weeks to assist Kelly since she was the only one there who was able to process customer transactions and take care of the other required daily duties. These two went above and beyond to provide the best service to their customers...to guide them to utilize other forms of banking when they were accustomed to face to face contact to do their business. They had their regular daily duties in Greene (condensed) in addition to assisting Allison. Enough has not been said of the service they provided to their customers and to LSB. They ensured that things ran as normally as possible to retain the trust of our bank customers during a very, very difficult time....The service they provided during that time and continue to do so goes beyond words...their "genuine and sincere actions" speak volumes of who they are and how lucky LSB is to have them represent our organization. They are a true example of what we all should strive to be."

Servant Leadership

This award goes to an individual who is always willing to lend a hand to those around them. Whether it is volunteering in the community, assisting a fellow employee, or a combination of the two, this individual does everything they can to help those around them.
  • Adrian Johnson                
  • Greg Baker                         
  • Sonja Link                                      
  • Jamie Landers   
  • Sue Carnahan
  • Ashley Ungs                      
  • Jasmyne Green
  • Tammy Greiner
  • Brandi Timm
  • Jessica Marsh    
  • Torie Greenwood
  • Cathy Haut                                         
  • Rick Andriano
  • Cathy Schuler
  • Kristi Fuller
  • Dominic Black                   
  • Lending/Vital Teams

Congratulations, Cathy Schuler for winning the Servant Leadership Award!

What coworkers had to say about Cathy:

"Cathy's effort in leading our COVID plan is the definition of servant leadership. She handled huge amounts of stress, worked countless hours to make sure our employees were safe, taken care of and felt loved. Countless meetings. Fielding calls and checking up on sick employees to make sure they were OK. Hands down Cathy was amazing! Great leadership and passionate caring for us all."

Hall of Fame

This award goes to an individual who has been with LSB for at least 20 years and recognizes their significant achievements and commitment to Lincoln Savings Bank.
  • Adrian Johnson
  • Kelly Zurcher
  • Cindy Kannegieter          
  • Laurie Holbach
  • Dana Uhlenhopp             
  • Mandy Koester
  • Deb Kock                            
  • Mike DeBerg
  • Deb Rhoads                       
  • Nick Suender
  • Diane Wagner                  
  • Steve Heeren
  • Erik Skovgard                    
  • Jess Patrick
  • Jim Thielen
  • Kae Ovel
  • Kathy Beenken

Congratulations, Nick Suender on winning the Hall of Fame Award!

What coworkers had to say about Nick:

"Nick impacts far beyond IT and his contributions have greatly contributed to the success of LSB. Nick works with his internal customers to find solutions to their challenges. Nick excels by diagnosing problems, identifying an immediate resolution, but also keeping an eye on future impacts to determine if a short term fix or long term solution is the best course of action. This keeps LSB proactive and not reactive in many areas. Nick's humble nature and continuous drive for improvement keep him always striving for more. Nick is the epitome of our Fostering Superior Talent and Acting Like an Owner core values."

Be sure to say congrats the next time you see any of our Lincoln Love winners and nominees! We are so lucky to have countless amazing people here at LSB that make it such a warm and inviting environment for both our employees and our customers.

We’re always looking to add to our growing Abe Brigade, so if you have some Lincoln Love to share, be sure to check out our careers page!

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