2019 Lincoln Love Awards

posted 3/9/2020 in Lincoln Love

This year for President’s Day, we at LSB took time to celebrate one and other, and recognize the best of us through our annual Lincoln Love Awards. Please join us in congratulating the 2019 Lincoln Love Award nominees and winners.

Rookie of the Year Award

This award goes to an individual who has been with the bank for less than twelve months, but who has already made an incredible impact at Lincoln Savings Bank.

  • Greg Baker
  • Alyssa Erickson
  • Mike Urquhart
  • Nerma Salkic-Miskic
  • David Meints
  • Susan Schultz
  • Kim Van Ee
  • Lesley Peterson
  • Marissa McPherson
  • April Torney
Congratulations, Nerma Salkic-Miskic for winning the Rookie of the Year Award.

“Nerma works in our audit department and has been involved with many of our LSBX projects, and she’s been invaluable. She has the ability to analyze spreadsheets and data and is a very good problem solver.” – Erik Skovgard, LSB CEO

“Nerma is also very good at reading regulations and making processes more efficient. We’re excited to see what’s next for Nerma in our department.” -Jessie Schunk, Internal Audit Manager

Coach of the Year

This award goes to an individual in the bank who is known for their unique ability to help their team members grow both personally and professionally.

  • Ann Tiernan
  • Sue Carnahan
  • Stacy Pratt
  • Jason Walters
  • Jen Bengen
  • Amee Freidhof
  • Hector Baldiviezo
  • Brian Heying
  • Brooke Dahlquist
  • Emily Girsch
Congratulations, Sue Carnahan for winning the Coach of the Year Award.  

“Sue is in our Retail Department, as a Regional Manager for our rural locations. Sue does an amazing job caring for each of her people. As I go out to the branches, I hear how much the branch managers love and appreciate  Sue’s support. They know that she cares about them and wants them to be successful.” – Erik Skovgard,  CEO

“Sue leads nine of our rural offices which control half of the deposits for the entire bank. She motivates everyone, she has compassion that shines through every day. She’s able to get people to interact, she coaches people to work together and come out stronger.” -Mary Inbody, Head of Retail

Outstanding Customer Service

This award goes to two individuals who have displayed a deep and sincere effort outside the bounds of assigned duties to help customers either internally or externally.

  • Angela Herrold
  • Sara Fleener
  • Spencer Struve
  • Jasmyne Green
  • Tori Cory
  • Susan Schultz
  • Steve Schneider
  • Diane Wagner
  • Sue Carnahan
  • Sara Forrester
  • Kim Gienau
  • Tony Kanne
  • Tyler Smedley
  • Jon Parker
  • Ashley Ungs
  • Stefanie Schug
  • Dee Lockhart
  • Sara Steinkamp
Congratulations Steve Schneider and Susan Schultz on winning the Outstanding Customer Service Award!

“Steve Schneider is a mortgage banker – I have gotten countless compliments from customers over the years, and how much they appreciate Steve. He takes great care of his customers and he truly cares about each of them and making sure they have an amazing experience.” – Erik Skovgard, CEO

“Steve has built his business around the highest level of customer service, and it’s proven to be very successful! Congratulations on this award, and being an outstanding leader within the mortgage team!” -Jordan Schick, Head of Mortgage

“Susan has to be one of the most positive, uplifting people I have ever met. She always has a smile on her face and she just makes you feel welcome when you come into Reinbeck.” -Erik Skovgard, CEO

“Susan always remains calm and collected even when sometimes her customers maybe aren’t the same. We appreciate how she helps every department out. Congrats Susan, well-deserved!” -Emily Girsch, CFO

Hall of Fame

This award goes to an individual who has been with LSB for 20 years, creating a legacy that has impacted the organization for the better.

  • Cindy Kannegieter
  • Dan Castle
  • Adrian Johnson
  • Nick Suender
  • Dana Uhlenhopp
  • Kathy Beenken
  • Kevin Boyle
  • Kae Ovel
  • Deb Kock
  • Linda Mennenga
  • Rosemary Lang
  • Mandy Gehring
  • Laci Mulder
  • Galene Harken
Congratulations, Dan Castle on winning the Hall of Fame Awards!

“Dan has been with Lincoln Savings Bank since he joined when we acquired the Greene, IA branch. He has been a branch manager, a regional manager, he has served on our Executive Management Team, and he’s someone I’ve counted on over the years for advice and guidance. He has made a huge impact on Lincoln Savings Bank.” – Erik Skovgard, CEO

“Dan was the acting president when we acquired the Greene, IA location. During his time here at LSB Dan has continually had one of the largest portfolios in the bank with notes from across the state, all while staying in the small rural town of Greene. Congratulations Dan!” – Dana Uhlenhopp, CBO

Be sure to say congrats the next time you see any of our Lincoln Love winners and nominees! We are so lucky to have countless amazing people here at LSB that make it such a warm and inviting environment for both our employees and our customers.

We’re always looking to add to our growing Abe Brigade, so if you have some Lincoln Love to share, be sure to check out our careers page!

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