Homeownership: Capturing a Slice of the American Dream

posted 3/8/2013 in Mortgage

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From an early age, most of us are given a visual of the American Dream: a nice home in the suburbs with a white-picket fence surrounding the front yard. While our individual home dreams may require some space in the country or eliminating the fence, owning your own home is still a huge step in life that signifies that you've "made it."
This weekend, we will have a booth at the Home Builders Association of Greater Des Moines' Home & Remodeling Show at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Not only are we there to support the HBA, but also to help answer questions or concerns regarding buying a new home or the financial requirements for remodels. Here are a few topics our mortgage and home lending team can help you better understand when it comes to homes:
  • Considerations before buying a home- the home buying process can be complicated and, if you're not prepared, difficult. From how much you should have saved up to what kind of mortgage best suits your financial status, our team can provide a better perspective as to the financial implications of purchasing a home.
  • Home loans- this is a tricky topic, especially for first-time home buyers. Fixed-rate, hybrid, adjustable rate - which mortgage is right for you? Also, we can help clarify how your credit score and other factors impact your interest rate and life of the loan.
  • Loans for home remodeling- if you're looking to simply enhance your current home (and many people are) our mortgage team can also help with that. After looking at your remodeling plans and financial information and needs, we can recommend a loan that suits your specific needs.
Your home is as much a part of you as anything you will ever own. When looking to purchase your home, contact the experts at LSB Mortgage for helpful guidance. Also, be sure to visit our booth at the HBA of Greater Des Moines' Home & Remodeling Show this weekend at the Iowa State Fairgrounds!
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