How LSB Employees SAVE

posted 6/1/2019 in Mortgage

How LSB Employees Save

How do you save?

We asked our Mortgage Lenders this question to discover how they make an impact in their own financial lives through simple savings tactics. Our Mortgage team understands how much effort and determination it takes to save long term, whether that’s for a vacation, college funds, or for a new home! These amazing men and women have been there; they understand the feeling of accomplishment when your bank statement finally reaches that magical number. They also understand that sometimes savings can get stale when you’re grinding it out trying to reach your personal goal. We hope you find some additional savings inspiration here to re-energize your fiscal efforts and keep running toward that savings goal!   

Heidi Swenson, Mortgage Lender in Clive, IA.

“My income is variable so whenever I have a larger paycheck I take out all of my expenses for the next two months and pay those bills, then put the remainder into a savings account.”

Jenny Greene, Mortgage Lender in Clive, IA.

“Getting back to the bag lunch is a great way to keep money in your pocket! If you review your bank statements after several months you can see just how much you’re saving by not dining out!”

Jordan Schick, Mortgage Sales Leader in Waterloo, IA.

“Spend less than you make. Build your household budget around a lifestyle that will encourage growth within your personal savings, allowing you to plan for the things you look forward to most.”

Amber Lampe, Mortgage Lender in Clive, IA.
“I take a small amount from each paycheck and put it in a separate account before I pay anyone else.  This small transfer to pay myself first compounds over time and allows me to have a savings account that I can do what I want with.  Give it a try, you deserve to save for what you enjoy!”

We look forward to hearing the story of how you finally cross that financial finish line! Fiscal success in the lives of our customers is one of the most rewarding aspects of our career. If you need additional insight into how to best save, how to maximize those savings, or where to keep them safe, we’re here should you need us! With 16 branches located throughout Iowa, Lincoln Savings Bank is committed to being there when and where our customers need a hand. Give us a call on our helpline or find our nearest branch to speak with someone in person. We can’t wait to hear your story and see how we can help cheer you on during your next financial race.  

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