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Quick Fixes for Home Selling

posted 3/20/2015 in Mortgage

Spring is on the way, meaning “Home Season” is right behind it. Spring is a natural time to move with weather warming up, yards once again getting green and the whole area get a new start after a brutal winter. However, while the outdoors may be looking better, the inside of your home may not. If you’re looking to sell your home this year, this can be a problem.

There is no need to stress out, however, as you don’t have to undertake a huge project to get your home ready to sell. A few quick fixes can have your home looking amazing for potential without requiring a big investment on your part.

Try some of these tips from Lincoln Savings Bank to get your home in tip-top shape to sell this year!

Deep Clean

When was the last time you lifted up carpets and cleaned beneath them, scrubbed behind the toilet, dusted off ceiling fans or wiped down blinds? Start chipping away at these areas one room at a time and be amazed about how much cleaner the room feels.

Toss or Donate Excess Stuff

Start with your closet and work your way to other rooms throughout your home to see what items you can get rid of. If you haven’t worn it or used it in a couple months, it probably needs to go, either to a thrift store or into the dumpster.

Give Your Trim and Molding New Life

Trim and molding can easily be neglected. Wipe it down and give it a new paint job to add some noticeable brightness to a room.

Service Your “Comfort Appliances”

It’s easy to forget about your furnace, water heater and air conditioner until one of them stops working. Have a certified technician come and do an inspection to be sure these systems are working properly.

Clean Both Sides of Your Windows

Crystal clean windows are free of streaks and handprints on in the side and void of all debris and dirt on the outside. Shining windows seen from the street can also add curb appeal.

Shine Up Your Hardwood Floors

Gorgeous hardwood floors are built to last, but they need help to do so. Hardwood floor cleaners not only take off layers of residue and dirt, but also help condition the wood.

Caulk Windows and Around Tiles

Nothing kills energy efficiency more than gaps around windows and doors. Caulk is inexpensive and can help seal the gaps for better efficiency. New caulking around tiles in bathroom showers or floors also provide for a cleaner, sleeker look than mold and mildew.

Patch and Paint the Walls

This helps repair holes from pictures hung on walls and cover up thin spots in your paint. Plus, it can be a chance to change the color of a room to something brighter or more fitting in order to help sell your home.

Update Light Fixtures

Replace old bulbs with energy efficient ones. You can also update fixtures that are out of style or don’t watch the rest of the decor in your home.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Things, like trimming bushes and hedges, planting brighter plants, keeping the grass green and at a proper length and investing in a little landscaping help potential buyers, get a good first impression from the street.

Live Like You Are Listed

Simply put, this means live and clean like your home is already listed for sale. It may be a little inconvenient, but it may be what helps you sell your home quicker.

Which of these fixes can you put in place for your home? By completing these smaller tasks, you can make a big difference in the overall condition of your home, making it easier to sell.

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