8 Signs You're Officially an Adult

posted 9/20/2019 in Personal Finance

There are several signs and situations that typically signal your launch into adulthood.

Things like mowing the lawn, paying your car insurance, and scheduling healthcare appointments are commonly sighted instances of #adulting. While these things are important, at Lincoln Savings Bank we want to celebrate all the fun and exciting things that also come with the journey adulthood brings!

If you can agree with five or more of the examples below, you may be immersed in #adulting yourself!  
  1. You get excited when the weekly grocery ads come out.  
  2. Bragging to your S/O about your credit score becomes normal.
  3. You find yourself saying “Yass queen” when reading personal finance articles.
  4. Home improvement stores arouse excitement instead of dread.
  5. You have learned the mystical powers of Tums, Pepto, and Pedialyte.  
  6. Reviewing your favorite budgeting app on Apple, Facebook, and Google becomes a sense of pride.
  7. Getting ready for bed has you more content and relaxed than bummed out.
  8. You treat yourself to a fun-filled night out after saving every penny of your emergency fund.
Here at Lincoln Savings Bank, it’s our mission to assist our customers on their financial journey. If you’re ready to start working toward building your credit score, learning about personal finance, using budgeting apps, discovering savings strategies and more, we are ready to be a resource for you and all your #adulting ambitions. Below are a few pointers on how to get started on a few of these financial motivators today.

Building Your Credit Score
Growing your credit score begins when you start using credit. For those with zero credit history, secured credit cards and small personal loans are an easy way to start building your credit track record without turning to high interest unsecured credit cards. If you’re looking to repair your credit, consider consolidating any debt to reduce your interest rates and fees while paring down outstanding debt. One of the biggest components to any credit score is your payment history, work hard to be on-time with your payments, and reduce the amount of overall credit you use to positively impact your score the most. 

Learning About Personal Finance
Just like everyone has a different sense of style, most people will choose to manage their finances in differing ways. The good thing is, there is a plethora of content out there to help you manage your money in the fashion that suits you best. Here are a few of our favorite resources when it comes to learning about personal finances:
Spreading the Love on Your Favorite Apps
Fintechs (aka Financial Technology) have revolutionized the way we use money today. Whether you’re looking to split the bill at a restaurant, create a household budget, or track your savings and credit score, there’s almost certainly an app for that! While there are new apps emerging every day, below are some of our current favorites that help us manage our daily finances:
Enjoying Your Hard-Earned Savings
Saving for an end-of-the-year vacation, a new vehicle, or your personal retirement? No matter your savings target, our team at Lincoln Savings Bank is thrilled to help you reach your personal financial goals! With savings tools such as CD’s, Money Market Accounts, Automated Online Transfers, Personal Budgeting Tools, and Traditional Savings Accounts, we’ll provide all the necessary products and services to help you crush those fiscal ambitions and more!

The next time you have a question about personal finances, the lending process, or just finances in general, think of us as your financial bestie. We’d love to be your dedicated resource for all things money-related and more. If you want to learn more about managing your personal finances, stop by one of our seventeen locations or give us a call at (800) 588-7551.

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