Gov. Reynolds adds Tessa Dinsdale to Iowa's new Child Care Task Force

posted 3/11/2021 in Press Releases

On Wednesday, March 10, Governor Reynolds announced an executive order to launch a new Child Care Task Force that includes Lincoln Savings Bank’s SBA Commercial Lender Tessa Dinsdale. 

The central purpose of the task force is to develop a comprehensive strategy to address the numerous issues that contribute to the child care barriers to work in Iowa. 

Dinsdale’s contributions will heavily involve financing options. “As a small business banker, I strive to be the go-to financial expert on child care centers and how we can complete the puzzle for the many projects going up throughout the state,” she said. “With the addition of this new child care initiative from Governor Reynolds, our child care center owners now have a new hope for their plans to come to fruition.”

The strategy will serve as a foundation for potential action by the Governor, legislature, communities, and employers to reduce both short- and long-term barriers.  “When we remove the obstacles to high-quality, affordable child care, our families can nurture their kids while maintaining maximum freedom to enter and remain in the workforce,” said Gov. Reynolds. “Today’s announcement will further our efforts to provide high-quality, affordable access to child care in every corner of the state.”

Additional members of the task force embody business, non-profit and community organizations, child care providers, and local government representatives. This newly-founded group will be responsible for making recommendations to the Governor in reference to Iowa's child care crisis. Dinsdale look forward to the possibilities the new initiative brings. “As a woman in business, a hopeful future parent, and a small-town Iowa native, I am ecstatic to be a part of this new Child Care Task Force,” said Dinsdale. “Over the past few months, I have sat in on meetings with our child care warriors in Iowa as they have shared the barriers for our working parents, children, and child care center owners. This is the time for all of us to come together and make things happen.”

Learn more about the financing options Lincoln Savings Bank offers for community child care center.

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