Black Friday Strategies for Holiday Shoppers

posted 11/21/2019 in Seasonal

The day after Thanksgiving ironically seems to get closer and closer each year. With store-wide sales beginning as early as Thanksgiving Day, there are new and emerging opportunities to get your holiday shopping done early and under budget. While there are strategies to help you wake up early, make it to the front of the line, and score the premium merchandise, our article today will help you maximize your efforts for the best overall savings strategy.

Do your homework.

First and foremost, you should know what you’re searching for. Have a son who wants a new video game? How about buying for a sister who is ready to tackle some kick boxing classes? One of the biggest advantages you can give yourself is a solid list of purchases you would like to discover as you chart your map for this annual holiday shopping spree.

Additionally, scout out the stores you frequent most to see if they’re offering specials on any of your top household items. If you’ve identified a couple must-have products on your list, price shop and see which retailer is marketing the best deal. Throughout the month of November, stores will be releasing their Black Friday ads online and through email along with local newspapers and other publications. Keep on the lookout up until the day of, as things can always change!

Review store policies.

You may be able to cut your route in half if the stores you choose have a price-match guarantee. By finding the ads with the best deals and bringing them to the store where you plan to do the most shopping, you can reduce your overall route time while still scoring the best deals in the book! This step can also become helpful when evaluating a store’s return policy. For instance, if you get a great deal on a TV and discover it’s broken, would store credit for the Black Friday sale be sufficient, or would you prefer a replacement TV?

Create a budget – and stick to it!

The point of running around on this extravagant shopping spree is to save the most money possible. The biggest thing you can do to throw your Black Friday off track is to deviate from your budget. While there may be additional deals or items you’d love to have, keep your eye on the prize and only purchase what’s on your list to keep from overspending. Those who opt to overspend could find their funds are depleted sooner than expected and can longer purchase several items on their holiday shopping list.

Shop Online.

Sometimes, you can find the best deals without ever leaving your home. With daily emails from your favorite retailers, and specials all day Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’ll never have a shortage of options when you choose to shop online. Analyze the options available online and see if you can find better savings after shipping costs, compared to in-store offers. Depending on the ratio of online to offline deals, you may be able to save money on gas and food by making your purchases online this Black Friday!

Book Your 2020 Travel

If you have plans in place to travel next year, Travel Deal Tuesday could offer some once-a-year opportunities for you and your family. Discover savings on costs such as tickets, hotels, and more by taking advantage of the various online deals available. Sites such as Expedia, American Airlines, Marriott, and Travel Zoo will be offering some of their best deals of the year on this day, so be sure to plan accordingly!

Small Business Saturday

Most people in the U.S. know that the Friday after Thanksgiving is the unofficial retail holiday, Black Friday. The Saturday after Thanksgiving, however, often gets overlooked and is frankly the most impactful retail day of all  – Small Business Saturday! This is the one day a year, shoppers specifically focus on the businesses founded and managed by those within our own communities. At Lincoln Savings Bank, this is our favorite retail day of the year, and arguably the most important! Make the choice this year to shop locally and connect with business owners in your area. We recommend starting your research with your chamber of commerce website. It’s full of area business listings for local retailers who are committed to developing their surroundings.

If you plan to be out and about this holiday shopping season, be sure to send us your favorite tips and tricks for finding the best deals. Simply tag Lincoln Savings Bank in your social media post and utilize the hashtag #LSBShoppingSpree. We’ll be keeping an eye for local savings mavericks to feature on our social media.

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