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Each year, millions of Americans set their New Year’s resolutions in an attempt of bettering themselves and striving for a brighter future. At Lincoln Savings Bank we believe that sharing our goals helps us to achieve them. For 2020, we have a number of employees who are determined to make their resolutions a reality. Below are a few brave individuals who were willing to share their goals, and commit to inspiring those around them.

Amee Freidhof, Insurance Agency Manager
GOAL: Use what I have!
INSPIRATION: I want to be more resourceful with what I already own. I have three freezers and a pantry full of food. For the new year, I would like to focus on creating a meal plan around the items I already have.

Ashley Coake, Personal Banker
GOAL: To prioritize my personal health.
INSPIRATION: I need to be on my A-game to best support my family and myself. I want to make my personal health a priority this year and focus on the actions that will keep me on my toes for my kiddos.

Brenda Kelchen, Senior Compliance Specialist
GOAL: Achieve a healthy weight loss. 
INSPIRATION: I want to always be there for my kids. I know that if I am able to achieve this goal, I will be able to do more and enjoy activities with them even longer.

Casey Roegner, Loan Processor
GOAL: Attend more live concert events.
INSPIRATION: I love seeing my favorite acts live, and it’s a much more fulfilling experience than enjoying it at home. This is a goal I know I will work to complete, and it will be a blast making it a reality.

Jamie Cole, Customer Experience Specialist
GOAL: Go back to school.
INSPIRATION: I love working at Lincoln Savings Bank, and I’m always looking to grow within the company. I’d like to broaden my skillset in order to create new opportunities for myself moving forward.

Jed Gammell, Vice President & Property and Casualty Consultant
GOAL: No one thing, but to continue to be better at many things.
INSPIRATION: Because we’re given the gift of new opportunities each and every day.

Jennifer Swacker, Assistant Branch Manager
GOAL: To get healthy in all ways, personal and work.  
INSPIRATION: I need to have less stress in my life. I believe that by making my physical and mental health a focus this year, I can be more productive in the things I’m passionate about while worrying less about the things I can’t control.

Kate Peterson, Trust Officer
GOAL: Take a road trip through some of our great National Parks.
INSPIRATION: Living in the Midwest, we don’t have easy access to our national parks, so I feel as though I’ve missed out. I want to experience the awe and splendor these landscapes offer. My husband, I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary and would love to plan the trip in commemoration of that milestone.

Renae Loomis, Commercial Loan Assistant
GOAL: Commit to spending more time with my parents.
INSPIRATION: Every day the clock ticks on the time we have with the people we love. I want to prioritize spending time with my parents and continuing to create memories with both of them.

Sarah Miller, Senior Customer Service Associate
GOAL: Finish my college classes on a strong note.
INSPIRATION: I will be graduating in March with my bachelor’s degree in communication. I want to finish this semester to the best of my ability and showcase all that I’ve learned through this degree program.

Spencer Struve, Information Software Administrator
GOAL: Reduce my cell phone usage, and commit to putting it down after 10:00 PM each night.
INSPIRATION: I can tell that I spend too much time in the evening, scrolling through social media. However, I find that I often sleep better or longer when I have time before bed away from my phone.

Sue Schneiderman, Receptionist
GOAL: Reduce my carbohydrate intake.
INSPIRATION: I have some health-related concerns that are directly influenced by my carbohydrate intake. I would like to manage my diet better, to help alleviate some ongoing health issues and give me more energy to spend with the people I love.

We can’t wait to see each of our employees accomplish the goals they’ve set out to achieve. If you have set a New Year’s resolution for yourself, there are a few key things you can do to help make it happen.
  1. Write it Down: Studies show that people who continuously write down their goals, have a better recollection of what they’re trying to achieve, and how they plan to make it happen.
  2. Tell People About Your Goals: By sharing your goal with others, your confidants will be able to hold you accountable for the resolution you’ve committed to.
  3. Itemize the Steps to Achieve Your Goal: By creating a path of manageable steps toward achieving your goal, you’re segmenting the necessary actions, and making it easier to tackle one step at a time.
At Lincoln Savings Bank we believe that you’re never done learning and you’re never done growing. If you’re looking for a bank to partner with your New Year’s resolution, our team is here to help you with everything financial while offering our support and encouragement for everything that’s not. 

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