Actively Participate in Your Financial Future

posted James Thielen, JD 10/25/2017 in Trust

Estate Planning Awareness Week

National Estate Planning Awareness Week Encourages You to Actively Participate in Your Financial Future

The recently completed week of October 16-22 was the National Estate Planning Awareness Week. The obvious goal of any such designated week is to encourage you to actively participate and consider the multiple of options available to you in considering your financial future and that of your family.  A greater emphasis was placed on the subject this year with the recently proposed tax law changes that if given full force and effect will impact not only the current financial conditions of millions but the estate tax laws and the transfer of wealth in this nation for years to come.

It is speculated that more than half of the adults in America, some 120 million don’t have up to date estate and financial plans. Plans intended to protect not only themselves but their families. As a professional in the Estate Planning arena, to fail to plan, as Plato the Philosopher would remind you was a plan to fail.

People have a myriad of reasons they don’t “plan”; the cost, the time, uncertainty, the disdain of the subject matter, financial illiteracy, even laziness.

The reason we have weeks and months devoted to specific subjects is to hopefully motivate people to act. This is a great opportunity to “do something” visit with your attorney, accountant, or Trust professional about the options and opportunities available to you and your family.

The Trust professionals at Lincoln Savings Bank (LSB) and LSB Financial understand this complexity and work hard to simplify Trust solutions for our clients. Whether you have individual or corporate Trust needs, we will work with you to set up a custom program that is appropriate for your situation and carry out your fund distribution as it is fitting for your family or company.

Contact Lincoln Savings Bank today and set up a Trust that is right for your situation.

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