Retirement Planning for your Business

Retirement Plans

As a business owner, there are many demands you face daily.  You must effectively:

  • Run your company
  • Watch costs
  • Understand your market/industry
  • Manage employees 
  • Market to your customers

What about saving for retirement?

According to the Small Business Association, that's where too many small-business owners fall short. Lincoln Savings Bank can help.  We offer a variety of employer-sponsored retirement plan options, customizable to your business' needs:
  • SEP
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Safeharbor 401(k)
  • Single 401(k)
  • Profit Sharing
  • Payroll deduct Traditional IRA
  • Payroll deduct Roth IRA

As an employer, a company retirement plan may help you:

  • Save for your own retirement
  • Receive tax credits and other incentives from the federal government
  • Attract - and keep - better employees
  • Realize increased worker productivity, especially if your plan is connected to company profits
  • Deduct all employer contributions from current taxes

Your employees (and you) may benefit because they can:

  • Invest for the future
  • Put away more money for retirement through most small-business plans than they might otherwise be able to save through a personal IRA account
  • Realize tax-deferred growth on their investments
  • Be more content (and therefore more motivated) with a benefits package that includes a company retirement plan
  • Take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of the financial professionals at Lincoln Savings Bank
Contact us today if you want to learn whether an employer-sponsored retirement plan makes sense for your business.
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