3 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Family

Protect Today. Maximize Tomorrow. Impact Eternally.

At Lincoln Savings Bank, our LSB+ program is all about helping you make the most of your funds throughout the duration of your financial journey. We understand that every path to financial freedom will look different, and we are excited to help you find the ideal map for you and your family. With strategies for all of life’s milestones, today we’d like to focus on the broad steps of financial readiness to help you prepare for other potential obstacles that could be waiting down the road. 

Protect Today.
One of the most important assets you have today is your ability to produce income and earn a living for yourself. Frighteningly enough, sometimes this asset can suddenly vanish due to unforeseen injuries or illness. When this happens, those without protection can be vulnerable to lost income during an already strenuous time. Thankfully, LSB+ works with our customers to identify proper long-term disability coverage which can alleviate much of the financial burden unexpected injuries or illness can bring. This coverage, coupled with other home, auto, and umbrella policies, can ensure that you spend your time focusing on the here and now, knowing you’re already covered for today.

Maximize Tomorrow.
Tomorrow can mean many things to many different people. For you, it could mean traveling the country in an RV at 65; but for your daughter it could mean being able to purchase a home before 30. Our goal with LSB+ is to maximize your savings strategies and retirement planning to capitalize on the dreams and ambitions you have set for yourself and your family. Your LSB+ team will work with a variety of departments to help coordinate savings strategies, retirement plans, mortgage lending, online banking, and farm management throughout the duration of your financial journey.

Impact Eternally.
The financial journey you plan will eventually have an end. Just as the end of a book, you get to decide how you want to impact those who experience it. This experience could be a dedicated educational trust for members of your family, a tiered donation to a non-profit organization that serves those you love, or perhaps a will and estate plan that keep your personality imprinted long after you’ve left. Whatever legacy you’re looking to write, our dedicated LSB+ team members are faithfully resolute in helping you to get it right.

If you’re curious about starting or rebuilding your financial path, take our LSB+ assessment and get started today! One of our LSB+ team members will reach out to you and follow up with specific solutions tailored to you.  If you have additional questions on how to protect today, maximize tomorrow, and impact eternally, you can reach our team at [email protected].

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