Step 1: Discovery

Developing a financial plan begins with understanding your goals, priorities, and financial circumstances. Where are you currently? What key outcomes are you looking to achieve? What resources can you apply? How much risk are you willing to assume?

Discovery is not limited to financial data alone. We will work to understand the connection between your assets and personal objectives and frame an approach that will give you confidence that you are making the most of your resources.

WealthVision enables the Discovery process by:

  • Drawing together and organizing your financial data from various institutions using account aggregation technology
  • Assessing the relationship between the way assets are currently allocated and your goals and strategies
  • Creating a personal financial home page that summarizes your financial situation and provides up to date access to documents and information in a secure encrypted password protected location.

Step 2: Planning →

Before we get down to crunching numbers, we’ll talk about the things that are most important to you— family, community, pastimes, church. We’ll ask a lot of questions about what you’re really thinking, feeling, worried about; your experiences with money; and what you’ve accomplished so far. Together we’ll figure out where you are now.

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