Step 2: Planning

A core element of financial planning is an analytical assessment that quantifies your ability to achieve multiple financial goals. This sets the stage for us to validate existing approaches and assumptions, surface possible shortfalls, and identify appropriate courses of action. Typically, we will consider multiple tradeoffs during the planning process. Planning puts these tradeoffs in a structured context so decisions can be made to maximize benefits and peace of mind.

These analyses will be based on robust calculations, but the outcomes will be clear and readily apparent. WealthVision combines these powerful, in-depth calculations with accessible graphical presentations that will make the results easy for us to discuss.

WealthVision and our planning process allow us to strike the right balance between addressing your specific issues while never losing sight of the big picture.

Financial Planning with WealthVision

With WealthVisionSM technology, managing your financial life just got easier. Better organized. Accessible. Up-to-date. Adaptable to your changing needs and emerging priorities.

The WealthVision platform integrates financial planning and wealth management. It supports our advisory process by providing a powerful engine capable of generating comprehensive financial planning analytics, calculating cash flow projections and modeling “what-if” scenarios. For our clients, WealthVision delivers an easy-to-use system to track and manage your balance sheet, investments, and documents in one convenient and secure location.

Planning your Financial Future

Making smart financial decisions has just gotten simpler. With WealthVision, we bring your financial life together. We can easily access your current information in one place, identify solutions, and understand how specific issues relate to your total financial situation.

Step 3: Solutions → 

Based on what we discuss in the Discovery phase, we will assess your personal situation, gauge where you are now relative to your life goals and priorities, and consider what gaps exist. We will weigh the financial implications of each goal we discuss and construct the framework for a plan that supports them.

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