"I must say... if all the mortgage bankers out there, both past and present, had your knowledge and ethics we would not have such a mess on our hands."
- Neill E. Fendly, Current President of the North Carolina Association of Mortgage Professionals, Past President of National Association of Mortgage Brokers 
Past recipient of National Association of Mortgage Brokers Broker of the Year, Awarded United States Congressional Medal of Distinction  

"I close hundreds of loans in our office and see dozens of different loan originators and their companies. I would rank Tim Bohlen as one of the top one or two loan officers I deal with."
- David Pulliam, Wasker Law Firm

"We trust Tim with our clients because of the professional way he handles their needs and the communication he provides to our customers and us. Our experience with Tim has been excellent." - Phil Kruzan, Foster Group

"Tim saved us a lot of money over (another option). We trust him completely." 
- John Roehrick

"I want to thank Dee Mathis for all her help in getting the loan for my new house. It has been a long time since I purchased a new home and Dee was there every step of the way. She would call with updates and was always there if I had a question. Thank you again Dee for a wonderful experience."
- Cynthia Conte

"Dorothy was very helpful. She took the time to call to let us know what was going on even on her days off. She was always available day or night whenever I had any questions. She is trustworthy. She did her best to meet all out needs. She was a hard worker and did everything she could to help us out." 
- Chantrea Ngov & Thanong Inthanboun

"I met Dorothy over a year ago and I told her my desire of buying a bigger house. However, the market and my situation at that time were not ideal. It was really easy to talk to her, she was a great encouragement. Last summer (2011), my husband and I decided that we would try to sell our house. I did not know how to start. Dorothy called around that same time just to say hello. I told her our plans and asked her for any suggestions for an agent, and she gave me a name, From that time on Dorothy was involved in the process of financing a new house for us. She helped is get pre-approved and later on she handled the mortgage approval process smoothly. She took care of everything and let me know what documents were needed. Talking to her was very easy, it seems like I've known her for years. I told her about my dreams, my kids, my life. But, she was always very professional and supportive. We would recommend her in a heartbeat." 
- Rosa Martinez & Ivan Dia

"Although the current market situation made the process more tedious than I expected, Tim consistently handled our affair with honesty, integrity and professionalism. He assisted us through every hurdle, and his effort is going to save our family thousands of dollars. Tim even conveniently came to our home in the evenings to help with documentation. Without his knowledge of the process, I do not think we could have accomplished this in the manner we did." 
- Perry & Ann Osborn

These are actual customer comments and may not reflect your specific situation.

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