ATM Banking

FREE ATM Banking Throughout Iowa and Beyond

Lincoln Savings Bank does not charge our customers any ATM transaction fees for using ATMs we own.

Did you know many teller transactions can be completed at an ATM? Check your account balance, transfer funds between accounts, withdraw cash and deposit cash and checks.

Privileged Status Network

Lincoln Savings Bank is a member of the Privileged Status Network through SHAZAM. The Privileged Status Network through SHAZAM, is a network of thousands of surcharge-free ATMs throughout the country. If you need access to cash on the go, we want to make it easy and free!

Privileged Status LogoTo take advantage of a surcharge-free ATM, look for the Privileged Status Logo, it will be displayed prominently on any ATM that is part of the network.

Find an ATM: SHAZAM's Privileged Status ATM Locator

We serve communities across Iowa including Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Clive, and Ankeny.
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