Equipment Leasing

Get the right tools to take care of business in Iowa.

  • 100% equipment financing available
  • Competitive, fixed interest rates
  • Equipment purchase options available

Customized leases can work to your advantage.

In many industries, commercial equipment and machinery can be extraordinarily expensive. Equipment leasing often makes more financial sense than buying - especially if you need frequent updates to remain competitive. At Lincoln Savings Bank, our straight-forward leases reduce upfront costs, hold the line on fees and can be tailored to your specific business needs.

  • 100% business financing
  • No down payment required
  • Leases can be structured to meet tax objectives
  • Fixed interest rate for the term of the lease
  • Purchase options available
  • No termination charges or prepayment penalties

Tax Lease vs. Finance Lease

A tax lease is structured to provide the leasing company with equipment ownership - and all depreciation benefits that come with it. In return, your lease payments are fully deductible. The documentation for a tax lease is designed to conform to all related guidelines.

A capital lease, also known as a finance lease, is structured to pass all ownership benefits to you, including depreciation. Only the interest portion of your lease payment is deductible, along with your depreciation expense. Such leases commonly have a one-dollar purchase option at expiration.

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