Celebrating Father's Day - 2019

posted 6/14/2019 in General

This Father’s Day we want to offer a special thanks to the men in our lives. The men who have helped to teach us life’s lessons and shared their love with us throughout their lifetime. Whether you’re celebrating being a father yourself, are thinking about the love of someone lost, or are commemorating the holiday by sharing thanks to other mentors in your life, today is a day to thank those who have made our worlds better.

At Lincoln Savings Bank, we want to share the mentors of our employees and the stories they’ve written together. We love learning about the people who are important in the lives of our employees and we are thrilled to share them with you today.

Tori Cory, Regional Marketing Coordinator

Words of Advice: It is less of words and more of leading by example. My dad is the most Godly man I know and I can only hope to live for Jesus as he does. Plus, he never let me take myself too seriously, so when we are out on a father-daughter date, we are just ridiculous and get to laughing super hard. :)
Advice by: Kent Brady
Appreciation to Share: I can't thank you enough for raising me the way you did. You are a huge part of who I am- from my love of grammar to my love for God.

Matt Roeding, Executive Intern

Words of Advice: Always give 110% effort to everything you do, it doesn't matter if it is something you enjoy doing or not, always give maximum effort.
Advice by: Carl Roeding
Appreciation to Share: Thanks Dad for instilling hard work in me from day one. You've always had my back along the way and I'm forever grateful that I get to call you Dad.

Erik Skovgard, CEO & President

Words of Advice: On not such a good day, my Dad shared the following wisdom, "You aren't as good as your best day, and you aren't as bad as your worst day." He was talking about managing the two rails of life: good and bad. I have used his advice to remind myself to be humble when experiencing success. On the flip side, there have been a few bad days his wisdom provided me the perspective to not lose hope and remind myself that there will be better days.
Advice by: Gus Skovgard
Appreciation to Share: I would tell my Dad that I miss him and thank him for all the sacrifices he made for our family.

Tonya Spencer, Mortgage Loan Coordinator

Words of Advice: Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.
Advice by: John Deets
Appreciation to Share: He is not the father, but the father that stepped up. Thank you for that.

Nikolas Brimeyer, Retail Intern

Words of Advice: God helps those, who help themselves.
Advice by: Dennis Brimeyer
Appreciation to Share: Thank you for all that you have done for me.

Samantha Japp, Assistant Branch Manager

Words of Advice: Rub some dirt on it and cowboy up.
Advice by: Lonny Japp
Appreciation to Share: Thank you. As a single father raising two kids, I've come to appreciate and acknowledge the sacrifices you made. I'm amazed that your hair didn't turn gray earlier the way we behaved! You did your absolute best and not a day goes by that I'm not filled with pride and gratitude. Love ya pop.

Kayla Fong, CX Associate

Words of Advice: Don't ever be afraid to fight for what you believe in. Stand up be strong and never let them see you cry.
Advice by: Calvin Fong
Appreciation to Share: Love you Daddy.

Sarah Mitchell, Treasury Operations Manager

Words of Advice: Always end an apology with, "I'll try harder."
Advice by: Wayne Mitchell
Appreciation to Share: Thanks for making my life better, Pops. I love you!

Sierra Haley, Assistant Branch Manager

Words of Advice: You get what you earn. Nothing will be handed to you in life.
Advice by: Scott Sleep
Appreciation to Share: Thank you for instilling me with the hardworking mindset. I would not be where I am today without you always pushing me to do what is right rather than what is easy.

Jessie Schunk, Internal Audit Manager

Words of Advice: Nothing good happens after midnight!
Advice by: Mike McRoberts
Appreciation to Share: Thanks for being a great role model and showing me what an amazing and supportive parent is supposed to look like!

Aimee Deuell, Customer Service Associate

Words of Advice: Just walk it off. Get hurt? Walk it off. Mad? Walk it off.
Advice by: Loran VanRaden
Appreciation to Share: Thanks for being the best!

Denise Ginkens, Personal Banker

Words of Advice: My dad always told me to keep a full tank of gas during the winter months and to always protect your social security tax number and Drivers License. LOL
Advice by: Raymond Tartell
Appreciation to Share: Great advice papa!

Jamie Cole, Customer Experience Specialist

Words of Advice: Be the best you can, and you'll be better than the rest.
Advice by: Paul Cole
Appreciation to Share: Thanks for always having faith in me.

Dana Uhlenhopp, EVP/CCO Lending

Words of Advice: Humility is one of the greatest traits a person can have.  Live by that rule.
Advice by: Dean Uhlenhopp
Appreciation to Share: This is something I've tried to live by and have passed on the same thing to my children.

Ashley Coake, Personal Banker

Words of Advice: Choose kind, always!
Advice by: John Worley
Appreciation to Share: I love you! Thank you for everything you have done for me thus far in life.

Once again, we and our entire team at Lincoln Savings Bank would like to offer our sincerest thanks to the men who have impacted our lives for the better. It’s because of incredible individuals like you that we are inspired to live up to the example you’ve set before us. Happy Father’s Day to these amazing men and more, from our family to yours.
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