Celebrating Excellence: 2023 Lincoln Love Award Winners

In a world where dedication and commitment often go unnoticed, it is crucial to take a moment to recognize and celebrate the outstanding individuals who contribute significantly to the success and growth of Lincoln Savings Bank.

Every year, the Lincoln Love Awards bring to light the shining stars within the LSB family, honoring employees across eight categories for their exceptional contributions. Let's take a closer look at the remarkable individuals who stood out in each category for 2023.


Dream Team:

The Dream Team award acknowledges a group of individuals who create an atmosphere of innovation and success within LSB. The winners of this category have demonstrated unparalleled teamwork, fostering a positive and dynamic work environment.

The winner of the Dream Team award goes to our Main System Admins—Brittney Porter, Joann Whitehead, Andrea Inman, and Tom Koenen.

One nominator said, “This team has done an outstanding job this year…going above and beyond with providing training and knowledge to our end users.”


Community Impact:

LSB recognizes the importance of giving back to the community, and the Community Impact award celebrates an employee who has made a significant difference beyond the bank's walls. This individual has dedicated their time and efforts to initiatives that positively impact the community.

Tim Canney is the recipient of the Community Impact award.

Nominators said, “Not only does he work full-time but he puts full-time effort into supporting the community.”


Rookie of the Year:

This award recognizes an individual who has been with LSB for less than twelve months, the Rookie of the Year award is a testament to their rapid and impactful integration into the LSB family. This individual has made a notable difference in their department, the market, or bank-wide, showcasing exceptional talent and dedication.

Stephanie Scott has been awarded Rookie of the Year.

“Stephanie has stepped up tremendously during her first year at LSB. She is always willing to take on any task given to her or learn something new to help anyone out.” stated one of Stephanie’s nominators.


Coach of the Year:

Managers play a pivotal role in the success of any organization, and the Coach of the Year award recognizes a leader who exemplifies excellence in coaching and leadership. This individual inspires and guides their teams with passion, fostering a culture of growth, collaboration, and achievement.

Brooke Dahlquist is the winner of our Coach of the Year award.

One of Brooke’s nominators said, “I value her as a manager and see her as a role model. Brooke stands out as an exemplary coworker and manager, embodying the essence of exceptional leadership and support.”


Hall of Fame:

Reserved for employees with at least twenty years of service, the Hall of Fame award is a prestigious recognition of significant achievement and unwavering commitment to LSB. This individual has been the backbone of the organization, contributing at least two decades of expertise, loyalty, and dedication.

Adrian Johnson has been inducted into our Hall of Fame.

Adrian’s nominators complimented his many years of service by stating: “Adrian is capable of wearing many hats, is versatile, and can jump into anything. The institutional knowledge he holds is unmatched.”


Servant Leadership:

Demonstrating selfless dedication and service to coworkers, departments, and LSB as a whole, the winner of the Servant Leadership award exemplifies a leadership style focused on the well-being and success of others. Their acts of kindness and dedication set a high standard for all LSB employees.

Emily Girsch is honored with the Servant Leadership award.

“Emily demonstrates Servant Leadership in everything she does for LSB….Emily is not afraid to challenge things that need to be and acknowledge success and good work of team members!  When she talks about LSB you know she genuinely cares about the organization and all of the people.  This type of servant leadership is absolutely key to continued success of the organization.” stated one of Emily’s nominators.


Internal Outstanding Customer Service:

Going above and beyond in service to coworkers and the bank itself, the Internal Outstanding Customer Service award winner showcases a commitment to excellence within the organization. Their dedication and positive attitude contribute to a thriving internal community.

Spencer Struve is recognized with the Internal Outstanding Customer Service award.

His nominators said, “Spencer is amazing. He is so patient and understanding when we have questions about IT processes.”


External Outstanding Customer Service:

Recognizing the importance of customer-centricity, the External Outstanding Customer Service award honors those who demonstrate selfless dedication and service to customers and the broader community. This individual has left a lasting impact on the bank's reputation and built strong connections within the community.

Dina Wiebensohn receives the External Outstanding Customer Service award.

“Dina never hesitates to help customer no matter what department they are needing help with.” stated a nominator.


The 2023 Lincoln Love Awards have highlighted the exceptional individuals who contribute to the success and growth of Lincoln Savings Bank. Each winner has played a unique role in making LSB a great place to work and a pillar of support for its community. As we celebrate their achievements, let us also look forward to continued excellence and success in the years to come.