Succession Planning for Farmers

Succession Planning for Farmers

In the next 20 years, it is estimated that 70% of U.S. farm ground will change owners.¹

Now is the time to plan.
Talking to your family about a succession plan can be difficult, and the thought of handing your farm over may be uncomfortable. Taking the time to develop a successful transition plan can help:
  • Preserve the farm legacy
  • Provide an orderly transition of ownership and management
  • Preserve the value created by the farm
  • Provide for financial basics
  • Turn illiquid assets into cash for taxes and expenses

Succession planning always starts with a conversation.

Let's discuss how we can keep your legacy alive.

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¹"Parson's, R., Ruhf, K., Stevenson, G. W., Baker, J., Bell, M., Epley, E., ...Keller, J. (2007-2010). The FarmLASTS Project: Farm Land Access, Succession, Tenure and Stewardship (pp. 1-109, Rep.). USDA National Research Initiative. doi:April 2010" 

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