Retirement Journey

Retirement Journey

Today's retirees are active, enjoying a second chapter in life that is free from the obligations of work as well as the old ideas of how retired persons should spend their days.  Travel, recreation, education and even second careers are all possibilities, and the road you choose is entirely up to you. 

Just as your retirement will be different from that of any generation before, your retirement income may be different as well.  While previous generations may have relied mostly on pensions that guaranteed income and health benefits for life, today most people will retire with nest eggs made up of a variety of savings and investment vehicles, and these nest eggs must be made to last as long as they are needed.

Above all, retirement is an individual journey with no two voyages exactly the same.  That is why your approach to retirement planning should be equally personal.  For certain, there are universal challenges we all will face along the way.  Successfully navigating the road ahead requires the advice of a trusted guide who understands the common terrain we all must travel as well as the individual needs and goals that are unique to only you.

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