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A message from our CEO on how LSB+ all started. 

My grandfather has been an inspiration for my professional career.

Because of him, I have a true passion for my job and the important work we do at Lincoln Savings Bank to provide professional advice, great financial products, and superior services. The lessons I learned from him guide me every day and are the motivation behind developing LSB+.

My grandfather was a hardworking man who built a business from the ground up.

The business was growing and provided a comfortable life for my grandparents and their children for many years. His hard work paid off and the future looked bright.

Then a fire destroyed the business.

That should have meant, at worst, a loss in revenue while the business rebuilt. The time to rebuild would set him back, then sales would pick back up and everything would be fine again. But, the business was not properly insured, and the cost to rebuild was too great. Just like that, the successful business that took years to build was reduced to something much smaller. My grandfather also developed lung cancer in the years following the fire.

With no health or life insurance, the cost of treatments dealt another financial blow to my grandparents.

My grandfather quickly went from being a highly successful business owner to having fewer assets to leave his wife and family. His story should not have ended that way. He was a very hardworking man who was good at his trade. My passion is making sure his story is not repeated.

If my grandfather had a trusted financial advisor who took the time to ask him a few questions to help uncover his financial vulnerabilities, things would have been very different.

That’s why LSB+ is so important to me.

It doesn’t leave our customers’ financial health to chance. We proactively work with customers to leave the legacy their life work deserves.

Erik Skovgard

Erik Skovgard
President & CEO

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