Service Excellence Overview

Service Excellence

Lincoln Savings Bank’s Core Purpose:

To be an engaged, life-long partner, helping our clients achieve their financial goals.

LSB’s Customer Service Philosophy:

At Lincoln Savings Bank, we believe that our life-long partnership with YOU, our client, is vital to YOUR financial success! Toward this, we offer a full range of financial services offered through each of our locations, supported by a well-trained professional staff. When working with Lincoln Savings Bank, you will come to expect local decision-making, personal care, and if issues or difficulties arise, prompt resolutions. To maintain a high level of consistency in our relationship with you, we have developed Standards for Customer Service. LSB’s Service Standards are as follows:

We are committed to being a lifelong learner in the financial industry! Our primary focus is responding quickly to YOUR financial needs in an informative manner; thus, becoming YOUR preferred financial advisor. Knowledge is power!

Great teams give 100% all the time! We are dedicated to interacting with clients and peers in a positive, professional manner. We will put a smile in our voices and immediately acknowledge our clients. Listening to the needs of our clients is a way of life at Lincoln Savings Bank, and we will assist each other to improve customer care in a manner respectful of our partner’s time.

We hold ourselves to a high standard and expect excellence! We are loyal to our customers by taking initiative: Anticipating the needs of our clients and exceeding their expectations. YOU will publicly recognize LSB’s commitment of time, talent and treasure in the Communities we serve. We believe that privacy is crucial in developing trust in our financial partnership and we guarantee an OUTSTANDING level of privacy will be maintained at ALL branch locations.

As members of the LSB team, we are dedicated to serving YOU in adherence with the Vision, Mission and Values of our Organization. We pledge, to YOU, our client, that we will enjoy our time at Lincoln Savings Bank. Our commitment to YOU is to maximize the potential of our relationship in the markets we serve—We are not just a bank, but a full-service financial center providing YOU with premium products at reasonable prices!

We look forward to serving YOU and becoming an engaged, life-long partner, helping YOU achieve YOUR financial goals!  

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