What is a Trust?

What Is Trust?

Individual Trust Services

What are YOUR ultimate goals?

  • To preserve the wealth you've worked so hard to create?
  • To be free from the increasing amount of time you spend managing your financial affairs?
  • To ensure your wishes are carried out in the event of unforeseen circumstances?
  • To set up a college savings program for your children or grandchildren?
  • To be sure you won’t outlive your retirement savings?
  • To make charitable donations according to the terms YOU define?

Whatever your goals, we offer personalized guidance and Trust solutions to meet your unique needs.

Corporate Trust Services

LSB offers a variety of fiduciary and agency products to businesses. The long-term nature of business trust administration requires a continuous commitment and expertise. Our Trust professionals will work with you, in the best interest of your business, to provide you with superior service and quality products.

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