What is a Trust?

What Is Trust?

Your trust will help you reach your financial goals of living and giving during your retirement and after your death. You have worked hard to provide security for your family, or financial wealth in your business, and Lincoln Savings Bank trust representatives want to help you rest easy about how your wealth and assets are used throughout the years.
Whether you want to contribute to your grandchildren’s college funds, ensure your children receive your assets in a timely fashion, or make sure that your family and business can avoid probate, we can help.

Individual Trust Services

What are YOUR ultimate goals?

  • To preserve the wealth you've worked so hard to create?
  • To be free from the increasing amount of time you spend managing your financial affairs?
  • To ensure your wishes are carried out in the event of unforeseen circumstances?
  • To set up a college savings program for your children or grandchildren?
  • To be sure you won’t outlive your retirement savings?
  • To make charitable donations according to the terms YOU define?
  • To ensure that a special needs dependent is taken care of even after you are gone?
Whatever your goals, we offer personalized guidance and Trust solutions to meet your unique needs.

Corporate Trust Services

Lincoln Savings Bank offers a variety of fiduciary and agency products to businesses. The long-term nature of business trust administration requires a continuous commitment and expertise. Our Trust professionals will work with you, in the best interest of your business, to provide you with superior service and quality products.

Contact us today for assistance with your trust.

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