CardSwap on Mobile Phone

Take the hassle out of updating your new card information!

Easily update your payment information for so many streaming services!

We can all agree that the most annoying part of getting a new or replacement debit card is having to update your payment information on sites like Hulu, Amazon, Spotify, etc. With CardSwap, you can update your payment information all at once, all in one place, from online or mobile banking.

Setting up CardSwap is simple and easy.

  1. Log in to online or mobile banking and find CardSwap located under 'Transactions' in your menu.
  2. You will then be guided through selecting the subscription services you utilize.
  3. Enter your Lincoln Savings Bank debit card information and click 'Verify Card'.
  4. Lastly, provide the login credentials to the service(s) selected to make the swap.

Questions about CardSwap? Contact us or call (800) 588-7551.

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