10 Vendors You'll Need When Buying a Home

We love helping people accomplish their dreams. One of the biggest milestones many people accomplish in their lives is home ownership. At Lincoln Savings Bank, our team takes great joy in seeing those around our community reach their home ownership dreams – and we make it our mission to help make it happen! We receive countless questions on what to do before or after buying a home. If you’re curious who you might need to contact prior to signing on the dotted line, below is a list of the most common vendors we constantly recommend. Be sure to ask a mortgage lender at your nearest location for some specific area business referrals!
  1. A Community Bank
Before you start your home buying journey, be sure to partner with a community bank that has your best interests in mind. Here at Lincoln Savings Bank we take pride in getting involved in our community. Often, you’ll find us volunteering at local organization or donating goods to area non-profits. We know that when our community prospers, we prosper with it. We’d love to help you on your path to home ownership and hopefully have some fun as we go step by step together. 

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  1. Trusted Area Realtor
Knowing the market can be a big advantage when it comes to locating the home of your dreams. Area realtors are one of the best resources when it comes to finding properties that may not have hit the market yet. In areas where homes go quick, a realtor with a sense of urgency can be one of your best assets.
  1. Qualified Home Inspector
After you’ve found a home you want to purchase, it’s important to know as much as you can about the property itself. A home inspector can assist you in discovery, potentially uncovering any future burdensome expenses or lack of reasonably expected upkeep. These findings may be helpful for you and your realtor throughout the negotiation process.  
  1. Dedicated Moving Crew
Now that you know this is going to be your forever home, it’s time to start packing. While you may want to pack everything yourself, if possible, it can be immensely beneficial to hire a moving crew for your big day. Instead of worrying about finding people to come help with the heavy things, and keeping your favorite items from breaking, movers allow you to focus on the joy of purchasing your new home. The day you decide to move can now be all about planning your new space and experiencing the milestone you’ve put so much effort toward.  
  1. Home Insurance Provider
Making sure your home is safeguarded against accidents, natural disasters, or other mayhem helps you rest easy at night. With coverage options for all types of preferences and properties, our team at LSB Insurance is here to help with your home insurance needs.
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  1. Fashionable Furniture Salesperson
While there are numerous pieces of your current furniture that will look perfect in your new home, you may be looking to add a fresh sofa, table, or accent piece to compliment what you already have. Working with an area furniture vendor can ensure that you find pieces that work best in your home, while also ensuring you have local delivery and/or pick up.
  1. Blooming Garden Expert
This person may come in the form of a dear friend, garden center employee, landscape artist, or a green-thumbed family member. More often then not, those purchasing a home in the spring find the opportunity to sow their own plants and create an outdoor environment all of their own. If nature is constantly calling you, it is imperative to get started on your outdoor space as soon as possible.  
  1. Home Improvement Buddy
A home has a personality of its own. Maybe there’s a spot that needs a new coat of paint, or a tile that’s missing a bit of grout; whatever the case may be having a local fix-it store is a must-have for new home owners. Many times this vendor can be a big box store or a local hardware retailer, we find its best to make friends and ask plenty of questions whenever tackling any DIY work at home.
  1. Loyal Locksmith
After all the papers are signed you’ll want to make sure your house has new keys and updated locks to ensure that any prior owner or tenant no longer has access to the home. Additionally, it is helpful to get more keys made for each member of your family.
  1. Celebratory Restaurateur
Congratulations, you’ve finally achieved your dream of home ownership. Now, it’s time to celebrate! Pick a restaurant that signifies celebration in your household and enjoy a night out to revel in this exciting new milestone. 

Whether this is your first home, or your third home, the excitement of home buying is synonymous with the thrill of new beginnings. At Lincoln Savings Bank we want to help give you a reason to celebrate! If you’re looking to begin your journey to home ownership CLICK HERE to contact one of our trusted mortgage lenders today!

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