Topic: Personal Finance

Companion Savings Account vs. Certificate of Deposit: Which is Right For You?

Here at LSB, we offer a Companion Savings Account that works in tandem with any existing or new LSB account. LSB also offers CDs at varying rates & terms.

Budgeting 101: A Beginner's Guide To Managing Money

It can be hard to stick to a budget when unexpected expenses arise. Fortunately, it’s easier to manage your money when you have a plan for spending less and saving more.

How Everyday Women Can Take Charge of Their Financial Futures

Use these tips to take charge of your financial future today!

Your Deposits Are Safe at Lincoln Savings Bank

As your trusted community bank partner, we are committed to ensuring our customers’ deposits are always protected and insured up to the maximum allowable amount by law.

Not all CDs are Created Equal

What are CDs and how do they work? There are different time commitments and interest rates to choose from depending on your saving goals.

5 Financial Goals For Your New Year

Before grabbing your festive party hat and confetti poppers, slow down and reflect on your 2022 financial choices by counting down five simple questions.

Quick Guide To USDA Home Loans

If you live in a rural community or plan to, you might use a USDA loan to buy, repair, or improve a home.

3 Tips for Managing Your Money During High Inflationary Periods

Sharp increases in the inflation rate can burst the best-laid financial plans. Here are three tips to help you manage your money today.

How Home Equity Loans Work

A home equity loan provides a low-cost way for a homeowner to access the cash value of their home without selling the property.

What Can You Purchase with a Health Savings Account?

A health savings account could provide the financial cushion you need today and give you a smart way to reduce medical expenses in retirement.

Protecting Your Loved Ones from Elder Financial Abuse

Elder abuse is the number one crime against individuals age 65 and older. To help you protect your loved ones from financial abuse, we have outlined tips for what you can do to help.

How To Prevent and Manage Overdraft Fees

No one likes overdraft fees, and yet this type of financial mistake has happened to most of us at one time or another. Luckily, there are a variety of tools and strategies you can use to prevent and manage insufficient funds fees.