Why do I Need a Real Estate Agent?

The process of purchasing a home can be stressful, time consuming, and needs to be meticulously scrutinized each step of the way. Today we’d like to share some of the key benefits a real estate agent can assist you with during your home’s transaction process; both for those buying and selling properties in Iowa.

Benefits of using a real estate agent when buying a home.

What many new home buyers aren’t yet aware of, is that it is FREE for home buyers to use a real estate agent. Since the home’s seller typically pays the commission, buyers can take advantage of partnering with local home experts without having to spend a cent. Many times, these agents can have local connections to help you discover homes that may not yet be on the market or help you attend viewings for new listings before they quickly vanish. By pairing up with someone who knows the area, you can also get insider tips surrounding the various neighborhoods in the community to identify which ones best line up with your home preferences. After you’ve found a property you want to purchase, a real estate agent can help you to negotiate a fair market prices in addition to other transactional gives and takes during the home inspection. Ideally, partnering with an agent can offer a more professional purchasing setting with a quicker discovery rate when finding your ideal home.

Benefits of using a real estate agent when selling a home.

Once you decide to sell your home, it is imperative to find a great local real estate agent to partner with, ensuring your home sells for a fair market price. Area agents are in the real estate market each and every day, and can provide honest feedback in regards to the value of your home, in addition to any updates it may need during the sales process. Real estate agents also have an incredible network of local clients who may be in search of a home just like yours. On occasion they can show the property before it becomes a live listing, coupling you with a buyer without all the hassle of managing ongoing showings. Alternatively, if you want to maximize your home’s visibility during the sales process, agents typically utilize scalable marketing strategies to ensure your home is reaching its target audience of potential buyers in the surrounding communities.

We love the real estate agents we work with in each of the communities we’re a part of. If you’re searching for a local agent to partner with on your next home transaction, we’d love to give you a referral specific to your area. Be sure to reach out to your nearest mortgage lender for recommendations, we’re always available to talk home financing as well for those looking to buy.

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