The Story Behind LSB's Contact Center

Since LSB’s founding in 1902, we’ve grown bigger by adding branches, expanding our financial offerings, and enhancing technology and resources, but we have kept the same community banking focus through it all. As LSB grows, it is important for us to ensure that our customers still experience the same exceptional customer service they are accustomed to. The Contact Center at LSB has done just that.

A little history behind how the LSB Contact Center began…

The Contact Center was established in 2018, but the need for this additional layer of customer service dates back further. In 2014, LSB began to grow through the establishment of our Fintech Department, LSBX, to provide Banking as a Service (BaaS) to Fintech partners. Fintech companies create apps to help their users manage money in different ways, like goal-based savings or person-to-person (P2P) payments. However, the Fintech companies are not banks, which requires them to partner with a bank to offer secure financial products.

Soon after the establishment of LSBX, we realized that with the addition of these partnerships came additional calls to our branches. If Fintech customers were struggling to get support from the Fintech company, they would call us because LSB was listed on the Fintech company’s disclosures and debit cards. Even though these consumers weren’t our direct customers, they would try calling our branches for assistance. Since Fintech accounts are managed through a different system than our LSB customer accounts, our branch staff were unable to access the information needed to help. To streamline these calls to the correct people, the Contact Center was created.

Since 2018, we have expanded our Contact Center to provide customer service throughout all of the LSB branches across our footprint. Our Contact Center is based in Waterloo, Iowa and all of the Contact Center Specialists are local to the Cedar Valley because LSB is committed to providing the best possible customer service. Each member of the Contact Center is trained to help our customers with everything from balance inquires to transferring money between accounts. Our Contact Center Specialists are here to be another helpful voice that is ready to assist you with your banking needs or ensure you are transferred to the correct person within the organization for assistance. Customers who prefer to speak directly with their banker for assistance can still do so by simply requesting their banker by name to be transferred.

Contact us by calling 800-588-7551. Our Contact Center Specialists will be happy to help you with your banking needs.