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LSB+ is a step in the direction of better fulfilling our core purpose;

To be an engaged, life-long partner, helping our clients achieve their financial goals.

Throughout the history of Lincoln Savings Bank we have offered our customers the highest level of customer service possible. LSB+ builds on that service through improved employee training, systems and technology.

The previous way of doing business included waiting for a customer to engage LSB for a particular purpose. If, through the course of conversation, other needs are uncovered, the trained staff member would refer that customer along to the appropriate individual or department. With the introduction of LSB+ we are converting this reactive process to a proactive one.

Instead of that dialogue happening in bits and pieces over time with no connecting point, now it is centered around information-gathering, consulting, goal-setting, and periodic review. Our trained LSB+ Coordinators can help reveal needs and concerns that you may have overlooked. Through periodic review they can also help you to recognize your ever changing financial needs and concerns. Take control of your financial life with LSB+.

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