LSB+ is rooted in three key concepts.

LSB+ is about protecting what you have, maximizing your cash flow, and making an impact where it is most important to you. Whether you prefer to work through our online portal or directly with your personal LSB+ Coordinator, we will help you identify and prioritize your financial objectives while proactively offering unbiased solutions. When complete, the end result is an easy-to-understand plan and newfound confidence in your approach to your financial future.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” - Abraham Lincoln 

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  • LSB+ History

    LSB+ History

    The motivation behind developing LSB+ comes from a true story about our CEO's grandfather and the need to proactively work with customers to leave the legacy their life work deserves.

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  • Protect Today

    Protect Today

    There is no sense planning for tomorrow until you protect today. That's what LSB+ encompasses...

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  • Maximize Tomorrow

    Maximize Tomorrow

    Maximize tomorrow by building off a solid protection strategy, our philosophy of creating a plan, paying yourself first, and keeping expenses reasonable will help you as you strive for financial security.

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  • Impact Eternally

    Impact Eternally with financial decisions made today.

    Decisions made today impact tomorrow. Leave a legacy that will impact your family and community far into the future.

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