Billpay Direct

Get your bills paid faster - and always on time.

  • Receive timely reminders
  • Schedule advance payments
  • Save on postage

No envelopes. No stamps. No sweat.

It can take hours to collect all the paper bills sent to your home, write the monthly checks, and drop them in the mail. With Billpay Direct, everything can be done in minutes. All your e-bills are collected in one place with clearly visible due dates. With a few clicks, you can make your payments and move on to better things.

  • Make payments or send funds to almost any individual or business in the U.S.
  • Make one-time payments in a matter of minutes
  • Schedule recurring payments - such as utilities - months in advance
  • Add businesses or organizations to your payments list quickly and easily
  • Get alerts to remind you of payment deadlines
  • High-tech security keeps your account information safe

Get started in three easy steps

  1. To see all of your bills in one place, simply log in to Online or Mobile Banking.
  2. Link your accounts to start syncing data.
  3. Instantly pay bills with your card or any payment method your provider accepts. Soon you'll start receiving real-time updates of balances and payments.
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