Nonprofit Cash Management

The services you need to stay on a sound financial footing.

  • Easier payment processing
  • Automatic account transfers
  • Anti-fraud tools

You take good care of Iowans. We'll take good care of you.

From education to health care to social services, nonprofit organizations deliver vital services to Iowa communities. At Lincoln Savings Bank, we provide a variety of services that help these groups fight fraud, process payments and facilitate cash flow by automatically moving funds between accounts.

Payables and Receivables

ACH Services

Control cash flow and reduce check writing and check-processing costs. Your organization can save a bundle of money and your staff can focus on other priorities when you send and receive funds electronically. Collect recurring payments from donors, distribute payroll, and pay vendors quickly and efficiently. ACHpro is easily accessible through Online Banking our user-friendly app.

Credit Cards

As a nonprofit, you qualify for our Visa® Commercial Card program. We offer flexible credit limits, easy online transaction tracking and lower rates that can help you save money on a monthly basis.

Wire Transfers

Many nonprofits have a wide geographic reach. With wire transfers, you can electronically send funds to financial institutions anywhere in Iowa - or all over the world – and have them arrive the same business day. Cutting-edge security safeguards protect all your transactions.

Tax Payments

Even with their tax-exempt status, nonprofits often have to fill out federal and state tax forms. You can download dozens of forms directly from your Online Banking page.

Remote Deposit

Incoming checks are good news for any nonprofit. Now you can fast-track the funds into your accounts without making a daily trip to the bank. Using a small desktop scanner and your organization's own computers, checks can be deposited directly from your office 24/7.

Point of Sale

If your organization sells items or accepts fees for services, you may want the same type of credit and debit card processing system as a for-profit business. In addition to processing payments efficiently, point-of-sale systems can help you track transaction activity and develop marketing plans.

Funds Management & Fraud Mitigation

Sweep Services

Your checking balances need to be big enough to cover routine operating costs - but anything beyond that should be put to work generating extra revenue or reducing interest obligations. With Sweeps Services, excess checking funds are automatically moved to investment or loan accounts so that they maximize your earnings and minimize your borrowing costs.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)

Larger nonprofits often have multiple bank accounts - for different locations, for specific grants or for other purposes. But there's no reason to maintain big balances in secondary accounts when there are no upcoming expenses. A Zero Balance Account automatically moves excess balances into a primary checking account to simplify accounting and allow for more efficient use of funds.

Cash Concentration

Larger nonprofits often maintain accounts at several financial institutions. Our Cash Concentration services can electronically pull excess funds from remote institutions to your Lincoln Savings Bank accounts, allowing you to make the best use of your liquid assets.


When donations and grants are on the upswing, we can help put that extra revenue to work. With a Repurchase Account, funds exceeding $250,000 can be automatically swept to a bond-backed account, where your money earns solid returns until you need it for some other purpose.

Risk Fraud Analytic (RFA)

At Lincoln Savings Bank, our "smart" tools can fight fraud and protect your organization's financial resources by monitoring your accounts and all your transactions.

Positive Pay

Protect your organization against forged, altered and counterfeit checks. You provide us with a list of checks issued - including check number and dollar amount - and we'll automatically compare items presented for payment against your list.

Reverse Positive Pay

When Positive Pay detects a potentially suspicious check, we'll alert your organization electronically and allow you to decide whether payment should be authorized.

ACH Block

This digital version of Positive Pay compares inbound ACH requests for payment against a list supplied by your organization. If we suspect an unauthorized attempt to access your funds, we'll immediately send you a transaction alert.

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