HELOC Special

Home Equity Loans

Put the equity you've built in your home to work for you! A home equity loan can be used for home improvements, vehicle purchases, debt consolidation, vacations and more!

For whatever you're dreaming, a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) may be the answer!

2.99% APR Introductory Rate for 12 Months*

Variable rates after initial 12 months,
rates will be the greater of 4.50% APR or…

Up to 80% LTV.........................Prime
Max APR..................................21%

If you're interested in talking with one of our loan experts or applying for a HELOC, fill out the form below.

Please DO NOT send any of your vital account information or sensitive personal information on this form. This includes account number, login ID, passwords, social security number or birthdate. This form is NOT a secure form of communication.

What would a HELOC look like? Here are some examples:

Your home's value is $150,000, and your existing mortgage balance is $70,000. A $10,000 HELOC would put your overall loan-to-value at 53.3% (Mortgage + HELOC/Value). You decide to draw against the entire line. After the initial 12 month rate of 2.99% APR, your new rate is 4.25% APR.

You would pay 3rd party fees typically ranging from $150 - $300
Your minimum Payment for the first 12 months would be: $24.92/month
Your Payment following the first 12 months would be: $35.42/month
If you made only the minimum monthly payment, it would take 10 years to pay off a credit advance of $10,000 at an ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE of 4.25%. During that period, you would have made 12 payments of $24.92, and 107 payments of $35.42 with a final balloon payment at maturity of $10,035.42.


  • All "Third Party" fees will be paid by the customer for NEW HELOC
    • Third party fees include (but may not be limited to) things like appraisal fees,
      recording, title search, flood certification.
    • These fees typically range from $150 - $300
  • Existing LSB HELOC (not available if currently in the HELOC special) – if a customer would like to move an existing LSB HELOC that is not part of the HELOC special, a rewrite fee of 1% of the existing balance will apply. The minimum rewrite fee is $100.


  • Payment schedule will be interest only for all HELOCs. Customers may make additional principal payment without penalty.
  • Property Insurance is required.
*For qualified borrowers with a credit score of 720 and above. This offer is good as of May 1, 2017. LSB may cancel or modify this program at any time without notice.  Special introductory rate does not apply to loans less than $10,000 and/or where the loan-to-value is greater than 80%. See lender for details.
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