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It's National Savings Day!

Whether you are saving an emergency fund, a new home or a vacation, Lincoln Savings Bank provides great interest rates on savings accounts to help you reach your goals.

CARES Act Benefits to Retirement Savings and Health Savings Accounts

While there are numerous loan programs for small businesses, stimulus checks for eligible individuals, and extended protections for those currently unable to work, many Americans aren't yet aware of the immense benefits being offered around their retirement savings and health savings accounts. Read this blog to learn more!

Navigating Marriage and Finances

Navigating the new world of marriage and money isn't easy. To help make the journey easier, we've put together some helpful tricks and tools to stay on top of your joint financial future.

8 Signs You're Officially an Adult

At Lincoln Savings Bank we want to celebrate all the fun and exciting things that also come with the journey adulthood brings!

Make Back to School Shopping a Financial Lesson

Make back to school shopping a financial lesson with these easy tips. It's never too early to teach financial responsibility so, teach your children how to spend in a smart way.

Paying for College: What You Need to Know

Paying for college is important and there is a lot involved. It all starts with saving but we have some extra tips to help you along the way. Part 2/3

The Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

The Benefits of Downsizing Your Home posted 4/20/2016 in Investments Moving out of the home where you spent the majority of your time raising your children

5 Holiday Mistakes That Could (Literally) Cost You

5 Holiday Mistakes That Could (Literally) Cost You posted 11/21/2018 in General The holidays are just around the corner. Which means it’s time to prepare f

The Importance of Your Personal Credit Score If You Want an SBA Loan

When it comes to qualifying for an SBA loan, a borrower's personal credit score is an important consideration when making approval decisions. Learn more about how your personal credit score affects you as a business owner.

Spring Break Traveling Tips

Staying safe on vacation is a must, but you should be protecting your finances too while on vacation. There are some easy steps to get prepared and make sure you've saved up and are ready for making memories, not dealing with financial issues away from home.

The 5 W's of Emergency Funds

The 5 W's of Emergency Funds posted 3/3/2017 in Banking WHO needs an emergency fund? To put it simply: you. It doesn’t matter if you have millions or next

Affordable Meals to Help Make Your Savings Strategy a Success

At Lincoln Savings Bank, we believe that taking small actions each day will help you reach your goal more effectively than trying to make large scale adjustments that don't last. If you're looking for further savings tips or would like to partner with someone on your personal finances, our dedicated personal bankers are here to help.