Lincoln Savings Bank kids savings account

Savings Account for Kids

Teach your children to save for the future, whether that is college, a toy or something special they will want in the near future. LSB's T.A.D.S Kids Club, an FDIC insured interest-bearing savings account for kids, makes saving easy! A $5 minimum deposit will get you started on your way to saving for the future. Visit one of our locations to open your Savings account today!

The money you bring in to LSB will stay in your account until you withdraw it. We will pay you for leaving your money at LSB. The amount of money we pay you is called "interest".

We have awesome activities each year for our members. Ask us about our special certificate of deposit — designed for kids sized deposits.

Parent or guardian signature required to open a T.A.D.S. Kids Club Account. No account will be opened without a Social Security number. For additional information, please contact any office of Lincoln Savings Bank.

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