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Companion Savings Account

Everyone knows how beneficial and important it is to save money.

Savings accounts earn interest, but these rates are generally low. With a Lincoln Savings Bank Companion Savings Account, you’ll be able to earn a great rate combined with total liquidity.

Our new Companion Savings Account is an account that accompanies CDs held at Lincoln Savings Bank and provides higher yields like a CD without time limits! The Companion Savings Account provides both of these benefits. You are able to keep some funds locked into a great paying CD, and some funds available in a high paying liquid deposit account.

This product combines the most attractive features of CDs and savings:

  • Open and fund like a CD
  • High yield like a CD
  • No time limits

Contact us today to learn more about a Companion Deposit Account with Lincoln Savings Bank!

Please DO NOT send any of your vital account information or sensitive personal information on this form. This includes account number, login ID, passwords, social security number or birthdate. This form is NOT a secure form of communication.

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