Fraud Protection

We work 'round-the-clock to keep your business funds safe.

  • Guard against check fraud
  • Block electronic theft attempts
  • Protect your business profits

Fighting fraud requires a full-time effort. We're all in.

Business success in Iowa does not come easily. There's nothing more frustrating than seeing hard-earned profits diminished by forgery, counterfeiting and other forms of fraud. At Lincoln Savings Bank, we stand behind industry-leading tools that monitor your business accounts and transactions to prevent fraud before it can occur.

  • Risk Fraud Analytics (RFA): Helps prevent fraud with "smart tools" that monitor your account and transactions.
  • Positive Pay: This efficient, secure system protects businesses against forged, altered and counterfeit checks. You provide us with a list of checks issued - including check number, dollar amount and account number - and we'll automatically compare items presented for payment against your list.
  • Reverse Positive Pay: When Positive Pay detects a potentially suspicious check, we'll alert you electronically and allow you to decide whether payment should be authorized.
  • ACH Block: This digital version of Positive Pay compares inbound ACH requests for payment against a list supplied by your business. If we suspect an unauthorized attempt to access funds, we'll immediately send you a transaction alert.

Our ACH origination system utilizes over 30 analytic points to learn your business's behavior -- from the number of electronic payment recipients to the time and day of the week you perform transactions. When something seems off, we hold the transaction from processing until we can personally verify details of the transaction with you.

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