Funds Management

Move your business funds to where it does the most good.

  • Zero Balance accounts
  • Sweeps Services
  • Cash Concentration

Automatic transfers put your commercial funds in a better position.

In business, making money is the ultimate goal. One way to maximize profitability in Iowa is to make sure every dollar is pulling its weight every day. With our Funds Management services, Lincoln Savings Bank can seamlessly shift your excess funds between business accounts, ensuring that they're always working to your advantage.

Sweep Services

It's important to make efficient use of all your company assets. Checking account balances need to be big enough to cover daily operating costs - but not so big that you lose opportunities to put funds to better use. Every evening, Lincoln Savings Bank automatically transfers excess funds into investment or commercial loan accounts that maximize your earnings and minimize your borrowing costs.

  • Save time and staff effort with automatic transfers
  • Simple and complex sweeps available, tailored to your specific business finances
  • Arrange for automatic credit line transfer to cover business checking account shortfalls
  • Minimize line of credit expenses
  • Increase your earnings with transfers to Money Markets or other interest-bearing accounts

Repurchase Account

When business is booming, we can help you put that extra revenue right to work. With a Repurchase Account, funds exceeding $250,000 can be automatically swept to a bond-backed account,  where your money earns solid returns until you need it for some other purpose.

  • Linked directly to your main checking account
  • Repurchase account funds are liquid
  • No transaction limits or requirements

Zero Balance Accounts

Successful companies often have multiple bank accounts - for different locations, for payroll or taxes, and for other purposes. But there's no reason to maintain big balances in secondary accounts when there are no upcoming expenses. A Zero Balance Account automatically moves excess funds into a primary business checking account to simplify accounting and allow for more efficient use of business funds.

  • Track banking activity for different company divisions or business functions
  • Establish dollar amount or zero balance thresholds for each secondary account
  • Eliminate time spent manually funding subsidiary accounts
  • Minimize the risk of overdraft fees related to the central operating account
  • Receive a monthly statement detailing all transfers

Cash Concentration

Some businesses with bigger geographic footprints maintain accounts at multiple financial institutions. Our ACHpro Cash Concentration services can electronically pull excess funds from remote institutions to your Lincoln Savings Bank business accounts, allowing you to make the best use of your liquid assets.

  • Safe, secure transactions
  • Save time and staff effort with automatic transfers
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