Prevent fraud with LSB! credit card fraud, check fraud, Business Email Compromise

Fraud Protection

More important than the number of tools we have to help your business succeed is the security and preventative measures we take to ensure that only you can use your toolbox.

Lincoln Savings Bank stands behind industry-leading fraud protection tools to help monitor your account and transactions to prevent fraud before it can occur. 

  • Risk Fraud Analytics (RFA) - Helps prevent fraud with smart tools to monitor your account and transactions.
  • Positive Pay - Efficient and secure, this automated fraud detection tool compares clearing checks against an issued check file you've prepared.
  • Reverse Positive Pay - Review checks before they clear your account with the fraud protection Positive Pay provides.
  • ACH Block - Compare inbound ACH requests against a pre-approval post-to-account list and set up your own transaction alerts.

Our ACH origination system utilizes over 30 analytic points to learn your behavior from the number of recipients you have to the time and day of the week that you perform transactions. When something seems a little off, we hold the transaction from processing until we can personally verify details of the transaction with you. This extra protection will help fight credit card fraud, check fraud, and any other possible

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