Get a safety net for your checking account.

  • Three programs to choose from
  • Avoid returned check fees

No need to pay a high price for a math mistake.

Every day, money flows into and out of your checking account. On rare occasions, you may lose track of where things stand and spend more than you have on hand. While Lincoln Savings Bank doesn't encourage overdrafts, we do offer three Overdraft programs.

Savings Transfer

  • Simply direct us to tap into your savings account to cover a checking shortfall.
  • There must be sufficient funds in your savings account to cover an overdraft.

Ready Reserve

  • Apply for a small line of credit that's attached to your checking account.
  • If you should overdraw your account, a loan is automatically drawn against the credit line to cover the purchase.
  • There is an annual fee to maintain a Ready Reserve account.
  • Outstanding loan balances on a Ready Reserve account will accrue finance charges.

Overdraft Privilege Program

If you make a checking payment, but have insufficient funds in your account, we'll consider letting the payment go through. You'll be charged a fee for any such transaction.

  • Applies to check payments, automatic bill payments and online transactions using your checking account number.
  • Does not automatically include ATM and everyday debit card transactions. You must opt-in for these services to be provided.
  • $35 overdraft fee per item.
  • The payment of overdrafts is not guaranteed.
  • You will be charged an overdraft fee for each item paid.
  • If you overdraw your account, you must return the account to a positive balance within 30 days, or your Overdraft Privilege will be suspended.
  • Overdraft Privilege participation is not mandatory. You may opt out at any time by notifying one of our branches.

Talk with your LSB Representative about which Overdraft program is right for you.

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