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Quick Guide To USDA Home Loans

If you live in a rural community or plan to, you might use a USDA loan to buy, repair, or improve a home.

What to Know Before Buying a House

Buying a home could help you escape annual rent increases, give you more living space, and let you build equity in an appreciating asset.

Protect Your Business Against the Cold Storage Shortage with a USDA FSC Loan

The food supply chain is tightening, and this limited-time program can help.

As Cold Storage Supply Tightens, SBA Loans Can Help Your Business Keep Cool

Beat the cold storage shortage with these popular loan programs.

What Every American Should Know About The 2023 Farm Bill

The 2023 Farm Bill likely has implications for every American. Its success – or failure – could affect households at every income level.

Harvest Better Returns This Tax Season

Tax filing season starts in late January, and for many farmers, 2022 was a high-income year.

3 Ways To Give Holiday Scams The Cold Shoulder

Scammers use festive schemes to get consumers to gift them with sensitive information. Use these tips to put coal into fraudsters’ stockings this season.

Lincoln Savings Bank Launches Big Time Kindness Campaign to Contact Center Callers

Lincoln Savings Bank is thrilled to announce that they are launching a Big Time Kindness campaign as a way to create awareness around the Contact Center.

What You Need to Know About Military Homeownership Assistance

Military service could help unlock the door to homeownership. Eligible Iowa service members and veterans can use the Military Homeownership Assistance Program to help cover down payments and closing costs on a new home.

Lincoln Savings Bank Adds Three New Talented Board Members

Lincoln Savings Bank is pleased to announce the addition of Shara Chang, Gerald Beechum and Spencer Cohn to its Board of Directors.

The Story Behind LSB's Contact Center

The Contact Center was established in 2018, but the need for this additional layer of customer service dates back further.

Rising Fuel Prices Put Pressure on Farmers

Farmers were already feeling the financial squeeze as inflation skyrocketed to 7.0% in 2021. Now, with inflation at 8.5% (as of July 2022) – down from 9.1%, producing food and other agricultural commodities might get too costly.